The “U.S. Gig Economy” (defined as work performed in the U.S. by temporary help agency workers, on-call workers and contract workers) is large and rapidly growing. Recently, it has been the growth and widespread presence of on-demand labor platforms which have driven the growth, popularity and lure of the U.S. gig economy. But the growing ubiquitousness of on-demand labor platforms has spawned an evolving and rapidly changing legal, regulatory, social and business environment that has created a unique set of challenges, problems and needs for the on-demand labor platforms, the contract workers that work with such platforms, and the customers of the on-demand platforms that interact on a regular basis with platform workers.

Our Gigafin™ mobile application is an internet-driven platform and mobile application product and service that is designed to deliver comprehensive and integrated financial, personal business and social and collaborative communication tools and solutions meeting the present and future needs of gig workers that procure jobs and task assignments through on-demand labor platforms. While serving the needs and interests of the U.S. gig worker, our Gigafin™ mobile application concurrently allows customers of on-demand labor platforms to attain greater service outcomes from the gig workers they interact with.